It’s the few who make you appreciate the many.

I have a regular gig in a venue that attracts people who are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. 

If the management knows the clients are celebrating they take them a dessert with a happy anniversary/birthday message written in chocolate, I arrive at the table at the same time as the dessert and sing.

If it’s a birthday celebration, after a rendition of “happy birthday to you”, I ask if the birthday boy or girl has a favourite singer or band, and sing another song for them.

If it’s an anniversary I ask if the couple remembers their wedding’s first dance, most tell me a song that is well known and so I then sing it for them.

Last night was a busy night for birthdays and anniversary’s, there was a good atmosphere and everyone seemed to be enjoying their night out. The first three anniversaries were celebrated with “Hold me close”, “It had to be you” and “Can’t take my eyes off you”.

A waiter let me know another celebration dessert was on its way out, so I followed him to the table. I said “happy anniversary, I hope you are having a lovely night, do you remember the song…. “at this point, the husband who was frowning interrupted me and said, “no we don’t remember our first dance.” immediately his wife (with a warm smile) said, “I do it was….” the husband interrupted her and said, “before she says anymore can I make a request?.” I said “sure what song would you like”, he said, “it’s not a song, it’s a request, that if you don’t mind,  will you fuck off back over there, and leave us alone”.

I said “will do, happy anniversary”. His wife looked like she wanted the floor to open up and swallow her, the people on the tables on either side looked shocked, and the previously miserable sod of a husband, grinned from ear to ear looking like he had just enjoyed the best part of his evening.

I am not upset it happened, the grouchy, miserable 1% make me, even more, appreciate the 99% of nice people.

I wonder if Mr Grouchy’s wife will still be with him next year?